E-Sports League

Join our new E-Sports leagues today for a fun and positive gaming experience! I'm sure you are missing sports like we are at EVRPD and competitive gaming is a great way to get involved while also getting your sports fix! We offer a variety of sports for different age groups including NBA, Madden NFL and FIFA. These games will obviously be played from the comfort of your own couch in an online format.
Registered players will need to have their own internet connection with: 
Xbox One with Xbox Live account and valid Gamertag or
PS4 with PlayStation Network and valid Network ID.

FIFA 20 - Wednesday and Sundays nights

MADDEN NFL 20-  Tuesday and Sundays nights 

NBA 20 - Thursday and Sundays nights 

Date: June 16 – July 19

Fee: $20 per player

Registration Deadlines: FIFA 6/17; Madden NFL 6/16; NBA 6/18