Jan McCown Bio

Jan Shaffer McCown Personal Trainer

I have worked in education (K-grad school) for 21 years and have two masters’ degrees in Elementary Education and School Administration.  I am also a National Board Certified Teacher in Reading & Writing K-8. Currently I teach at Estes Park Elementary School.  I have three children; JD, Michael, and Kylie.

My interest in health and fitness began more than 30 years ago in high school when I participated in many sports and began lifting weights.  I then progressed to powerlifting in college.  Over the years I have expanded my interests into cardio, functional fitness, cardio-boxing, bodybuilding, water aerobics, and nutrition/supplements.

I am an ISSA certified personal trainer, body building trainer, group fitness instructor, and weight management specialist.  I am also certified in Insanity, Country Heat, and Core de Force LIVE.  I believe strongly in eating whole nutritious foods as a way to fuel your body and provide a life of health and longevity.  I also promote moving on a regular basis to continue an active lifestyle; prevent chronic diseases, improve moods and mental health; build and retain flexibility, mobility, and strength; as well as prevent bone density loss.

Whether you are just starting out and a bit nervous on where to even begin or have years of fitness under your belt; I can help build a routine of exercise and nutrition to help you meet your goals.  Let’s do it together!