Jane Truesdale


Jane Truesdale

My name is Jane Truesdale.  I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN as the eldest child of 3.  My husband, Roger, and I met teaching in Bloomington, MN and moved to Estes Park after we both retired.  I have one son, Eric, who lives in West Hollywood, CA.

As far back as I can remember, I have been an active athletic person.  As a child I was always outside playing, especially baseball and football with my brothers and the other children in the neighborhood.  Being from Minnesota, we all learned to ice skate at a very young age, and skated every day all winter.  I learned to play tennis, and became the Minneapolis city champion at 14 years old.

During my 30 year career as a teacher, I continued to remain fit by joining a gym and learning to lift weights correctly, along- side taking classes in aerobics, Jazzercize, yoga and pilates. I took up running, and completed 13 marathons, (including Boston) 1 50k, and too many shorter races to count.  The other teachers were amazed at my ability to do all this while teaching and taking care of my son.  They all asked for advice, and I helped as much as possible.  One of them suggested at lunch one day that I should really get paid for doing this.  That set off a light bulb.

After retiring from teaching, I went back to school to take classes such as anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, and in February of 2000 completed my certification as a personal trainer.  I have worked at several gyms since then, as well as having my own LLC, called Train with Jane.  I also am a certified Silver Sneaker instructor, and love working with the older adult.  With the growing number of older people in our current society, (me being one of them) many of them wanting to remain fit and active, it is my goal to help them to accomplish this in order to live a healthy and functional life as long as possible. A personal trainer is very much like a teacher, and I feel the skills I had for teaching a classroom full of kids has easily transferred into being a personal trainer.