9-Hole Map

9-Hole Map

Lightning Information

Lake Estes 9-Hole and Disc Golf Course Lightning Policy:
  • The golf courses will not give any warnings about the lightning danger.
  • The responsibility on whether to continue play rests on the individual players.
  • The shelters on the golf course property are not lightning protected.
  • Any player, or group, who chooses to leave the course because perceived lightning danger, will be able to resume play as soon as they have decided that any threat has passed.

Lightning Safety Tips

  1. Avoid seeking shelter in or under these areas: trees, outdoor metal objects, golf carts, water, open fields, high ground, and unsafe shelters.
  2. Seek shelter in any of the following areas: fully enclosed metal vehicles with windows up and do not touch the metal; substantial, enclosed buildings; low ground such as a ravine or valley; seek cover in clumps of bushes.
  3. If you can see lightning and/or hear thunder, seek shelter immediately.
  4. If you feel your hair stand on end, or if you are caught outside during close-in lightning, immediately remove any metal objects, place your feet together, duck your head, and crouch down low in a baseball catcher's stance with hands on your ears.
  5. Wait for a minimum of 30 minutes from the last observed strike before resuming play.
  6. If someone is struck by lightning, apply first aid immediately, if you are qualified. Get emergency help promptly!!

For more information about lightning safety visit: www.lightningsafety.com.