Contact Us - Staff Directory

Tom Carosello, Executive Director 
970-586-8191, Ext. 117 -- Email Tom

Pamela Bross, Finance Director 
970-586-8191, Ext 118 -- Email Pamela

Robin Fallon, Human Resources Manager 
970-586-8191, Ext 115 -- Email Robin

Heather Drees, Senior Administrative Assistant 
970-586-8191, Ext. 119 -- Email Heather

Lisa VonBargen, Marketing and Communications Manager
970-586-8191, Ext. 120 -- Email Lisa

Jeanne Bauer, Accountant 
970-586-8191, Ext 116 -- Email Jeanne  

Brandon McGowen, Facility Maintenance Manager   
970-480-1310-- Email Brandon

Amy Alexander, Aquatics Manager   
970-586-8191 Ext 104 -- Email Amy

Tim Ready, Aquatics Coordinator

Miguel Bernal, Guest Services Supervisor 
970-586-8191  Ext 107 -- Email Miguel

Julie Bunton, Events and Rental Coordinator   
970-586-8191   Email Julie

Nolan Oberg, Recreation Manager  
970-586-8191 x112 -- Email Nolan

Lauren Pavlish, Adult Recreation and Fitness Coordinator   
970-586-8191 x122 -- Email Lauren 

Olesya Stadnichuk, Youth Recreation and Fitness Coordinator   
970-586-8191 Ext 108 -- Email Olesya 

Julie Bunton, Facility Rental Coordinator  
970-586-8191 X110   Email Julie

Austin Logan, PGA; Golf Operations Manager 
970-586-8146 X5   e-mail Austin

Aaron Tulley, Assistant Golf Operations Manager
970-586-8146 X4    e-mail Aaron

Annie Hanson, Marina Manager 
970-586-2011 -- Email Annie


To check availability, make a reservation, or change an existing reservation,

please call ReserveAmerica at (800)964-7806

For questions not related to reservations:

   Estes Park Campground at Mary's Lake (970) 577-1026
   Estes Park Campground at East Portal (970) 586-4188

Zenda Smith, Campgrounds Manager -- Email Zenda 
Richard Barberot, Campgrounds Maintenance Supervisor -- Email Richard


John Feeney, Manager of Golf Maintenance  970-586-8170 -- Email John

Zachary Zeschin, Parks/Trails Maintenance Supervisor,  970-586-8170 -- Email Zach

Joseph Lingenfelter, District Mechanic,  970-586-8170 -- Email Joseph

Greg Anderson, Maintenance Supervisor,  970-586-8170 -- Email Greg

Tom Leba, Maintenance Supervisor,  970-586-8170 -- Email Tom 

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