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The New Tennis Courts Are Ready for Players!

After extended weather delays, the tennis courts at Stanley Park are ready for players! EVRPD Executive Director, Tom Carosello stated, “We are really pleased to be able to add this modern amenity to Stanley Park, and our Board of Directors deserves the credit for committing the funding necessary to expedite construction. We hope the new courts serve to grow the game of tennis across all age groups.”

The old courts and fences were pulled out and the new concrete surface was poured last fall. The epoxy surface treatment required daily low temperatures above 50 degrees for a week; that didn’t happen until after the 4th of July. Each crew at Renner Sports Surfaces installs approximately one hundred tennis courts a year. Their projects in Colorado, South Dakota and Minnesota were all behind schedule due to the cold and rainy spring weather.

Local tennis players Susan and David King are excited to start using the new courts. They commented, “With so many tennis courts disappearing across the country, we would like to thank the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District for our much hoped-for tennis courts at Stanley Park; keeping tennis alive here in our town. The courts are a well-made investment and turned out superbly. They are an asset to our community and we look forward to many more years of tennis in Estes Park.”

The tennis court project was part of the Stanley Park Master Plan which also includes a new skate park, improved pedestrian safety and other capital improvements.


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