The Lap Pool will be closed for scheduled maintenance from July 29–August 8. 

Trail Committee

About the Estes Valley Trails Committee

The Estes Valley Trails Committee was established by the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District on October 19, 1995 to be an advisory committee to coordinate efforts between trail agencies, educate the public regarding community trails projects and opportunities, provide a forum for discussion for trails, advocate trail funding, and advise on trail use and regulations. 

Purpose of the Estes Valley Trails Committee

  • To advise the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District (EVRPD) Board of Directors. Ongoing trail issues such as planning, budgeting, maintenance, and design standards of trails.
  • To collaborate with other organizations and property owners to plan and improve trails.
  • To advocate trails in the community.
  • To involve a variety of trail users in the planning and implementation process.
  • To identify and communicate trail needs, constraints, and priorities.
  • To seek cooperation with the Town of Estes Park, Larimer County Open Lands, National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Estes Valley Land Trust, Estes Valley community citizen groups, agencies with trail interests, and private land owners to develop and improve trails.
  • To assist volunteer organizations in both maintenance and trail development projects.
  • To ensure public access to trails through easements and acquisitions.
  • To promote connectivity of trails throughout the region.

Committee Members

The Committee is organized and administered by a total of seven to ten voting members and four non-voting liaisons appointed by the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District Board of Directors, each to three-year terms.

Name Role Expiration of Term
Amy Plummer President May 2018
Danny Basch Vice President May 2019
Hal Dalzell Secretary May 2020
Dick Putney Treasurer May 2018
Ed Hayek Committee Member May 2018
Daniel Marshall Committee Member May 2018
Lisa Plaut Committee Member May 2020
Dave Larsen Committee Member May 2019
Marlene Borneman Committee Member May 2019
Audem Gonzales Town of Estes Park Liaison Non-voting member
Greg Muhonen Town of Estes Park Liaison Non-voting member
Vaughn Baker Estes Valley Land Trust Liaison Non-voting member
Ron Duell EVRPD Board of Directors Liaison Non-voting member
Tom Carosello EVRPD Executive Director Non-voting member
Heather Drees EVRPD Administrative Assistant Non-voting member
Herb Loveall EVRPD Parks/Trails Manager Non-voting member