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According to national statistics, 10,000 Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) turn 65 every day. In a 2017 article written for The Motley Fool, Matthew Frankel described some interesting statistics about the Boomers.  “Despite the common perception of the millennial "start-up" culture, baby boomers are twice as likely as millennials to start a new business. Furthermore, 45% of baby boomers consider themselves to be entrepreneurs”. Frankel also stated that 59% of baby boomers support their adult children (2017). Perhaps because of that entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to help the younger generation, those same boomers also plan on working past the age of 65. However, Frankel also quoted a study by Voya Financial that showed 60% of those boomers had their employment plans cut short by reasons including health concerns. It makes sense to stay active and healthy to maximize your prime retirement years. Estes Park locals pride themselves on being just that; staying active and healthy to enjoy our beautiful Rocky Mountain backyard! Here at the Estes Valley Community Center “The Rec”, we accept many plans offered by your insurance provider to support your health and fitness goals. For more info, please stop by our front desk or call 970-586-8191.

SilverSneakers®: Offered by Tivity Health. Empowering active aging! America’s leading community fitness program designed for older adults, SilverSneakers® promotes vital physical and social activity through 15,000 facilities nationwide.

Prime Fitness®: Offered by Tivity Health. Through a network of 10,000+ fitness locations, Prime Fitness® offers convenient, multi-access to standard membership benefits at a wide range of gyms, sports facilities, specialty studios and more near home, work, and nationwide.

Fitness Your Way®: Offered by Tivity Health. Whether you want to lose weight, increase your energy or just feel healthier, Fitness Your Way® can help you achieve your personal fitness goals on your budget. You can view your gym visits online to keep on track and stay motivated.

RenewActive:™ Offered by United Healthcare. Renew Active™ is available at no additional cost, exclusively from UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Plans. Whether trying the gym for the first time or introducing something new to your existing fitness routine, Renew Active™ helps you stay ready for what's next.

Silver&Fit:® Offered by American Specialty Health. The Silver&Fit® program is an exercise and healthy aging program providing unique, evidence-based fitness and health education activities for Medicare beneficiaries and group retirees. It features a website providing health tools and resources specifically designed for older adults.

Resource: Frankel, M. (2017)  9 Baby Boomer statistics that will blow you away. The Motley Fool. Retrieved from 9BabyBoomerStatistics