The Lap Pool will be closed for scheduled maintenance from July 29–August 8. 

Junior Golf Creed

The Junior Golfer’s Creed is as follows:

  • Golf is a wonderful game. As a junior golfer, I will R-E-S-P-E-C-T the game of golf.
  • Responsibility- I will learn the rules of golf, follow the rules of the course, and take responsibility for all of my actions.
  • Etiquette- I will abide by the rules of etiquette, wait for the proper time to hit, refrain from foul language, inappropriate behavior, and conduct myself as a polite young lady or gentlemen on the golf course.
  • Sensitivity- I will be sensitive to the environment and the course where I play and to those who maintain and manage it.
  • Pace- I will keep up with the group ahead and maintain an appropriate pace of play.
  • Educate- I will do my best to educate others and myself on the principles of this creed and live up to it at every opportunity.
  • Conditions- I will strive to leave the course in better condition than I find it. I will fix ball marks, replace divots, rake bunkers, and properly dispose of trash.
  • Traditions- I will learn and embrace the rules and traditions of this game, respect my fellow golfers, and respect the course that I am privileged to play. Every junior golfer should demonstrate all of the following qualities and inspire his or her peers to do the same.
  • The junior golfer’s creed should be followed at all times, and each young person should continue to pursue any of their future goals with a similar creed. One exemplary junior golfer will be awarded the “Austin Andrews Award for Junior Excellence” for demonstrating RESPECT for the game.