Lake Estes Boating Regulations



  • All boats (motorized and non-motorized watercraft) put on Lake Estes are required to have a Lake Estes boat permit (available at the Lake Estes Marina Store, 1770 Big Thompson Avenue, Estes Park, Colorado).
  • No boat shall launch from any point other than the designated launch area on the north side of the lake next to the marina.
  • All boat owners must meet insurance requirements as outlined in the Lake Estes Boat Permit Application.
  • All boats are required to meet Colorado boating statutes and regulations.
  • No boating will be allowed before daylight or after dark.
  • No person shall enter closed areas.
  • Non-motorized boats have the right-of-way over motorized boats at all times.
  • A wakeless speed shall be maintained for all motorized boats at all times. *
  • Boats shall stay at least 50 feet from shore (other than when beaching) any time there are people fishing from shore.
  • Estes Valley Recreation and Park District may revoke any permit at the sole discretion of Lake Estes Marina management.
  • No person shall harass another or display or discharge a firearm on or about Lake Estes.

Swimming is NOT ALLOWED on Lake Estes. 

Jet skis are NOT ALLOWED on Lake Estes.

Ice fishing is NOT ALLOWED on Lake Estes.


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