Member Spotlight

Member spotlight - Jon Edy


Jon Edy, a California native and recent transplant to Estes Park, has been active his entire life. He was a body builder in high school and college as well as a martial arts instructor. In October of 2019 on a hunting trip, Jon tripped and fell numerous times. He knew something wasn’t right, and sought medical care. Edy was diagnosed with a collapsed disc and had surgery to repair. He began physical therapy, and while he initially made progress, Edy experienced a decline in function and an increase in pain.

During the next two years, Edy underwent twelve MRIs, three sets of brain scans, blood panels, CAT scans and X-rays along with a spinal tap. No source of his symptoms that included numbness and neuropathy were found. In 2021, after seeing twelve different specialists, Edy connected with Dr. Dixon at Anschutz in Aurora. Dixon conducted and EMG that lead to a diagnosis of ALS. Edy was given 2-5 years to live. There was still the matter of the spinal disc injury, and Dr. Dixon performed corrective surgery that changed Edy’s life, allowing him to become active and pain free again.

Edy was part of a clinical trial that was recently discontinued. He laughed and said that confirmed what he was doing with natural and plant-based supplements was working! Edy has a regimen of Lion’s Mane mushroom, creatine, amino acids, ATP, mullen leaf, vitamins and muscle building compounds. He is maintaining and even gaining muscle strength and keeping his lungs clear.

Edy commented, “Only 10% of ALS patients live longer than ten years. That’s my goal. The fitness equipment at the Rec provides me with sanity and a way to manage my condition. I love coming here! Everyone cheers me on. Zach makes sure I can get in the building safely. Bethany has been a vital part of my personal training program. Julie, Tonya, and everyone at the front desk are welcoming and supportive. I wish I had joined ten years ago!” Edy also emphasized the role his wife, Josiane, plays in his daily routine. “We have been married 43 years now, and her support remains phenomenal. She is 100% behind me, making sure I get to the gym, doctor’s appointments, you name it. She brings me back on those rare occasions that I’m down. I couldn’t do this without her!” 

Speaking for those of us at the Community Center, we are inspired by Jon's tenacity and dedication to living life, and it is an honor to count him among our members.