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The Estes Park Men's Golf Association members play at the 18-Hole Golf Course
 May through October, from 6:30—10 a.m.
USGA Handicap is required.
Annual dues: $70.00 (includes USGA Handicap)
$5.00 weekly entry required for each event.

For more info, contact the 2024 President Stan Osborne at


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The Estes Park Women's Golf Association members play 

at the 18-Hole Golf Course from 

May through September on Tuesdays from 8—9:30 a.m.
USGA Handicap is required.
Yearly dues: $75.00 (includes USGA handicap)
Handicap service only: $48.00
$5.00 weekly entry required for each event.
For more info, contact the 2024 President, Diane Butler at dibutler04@gmail.com

Welcome to the start of the 2024 EPWGA golf season! Your EPWGA Board has been meeting to create a fun-filled season of golf. Whether you are a new member to EPWGA or a returning member, it’s great to have you golfing with us!

The game calendar has not been fully completed as of this date, however Tournament dates have been selected. Please include these date on your calendar and be sure to participate. The final 2024 Game Calendar will be sent in March. The calendar and game descriptions will be available on the Golf Genius Member Portal once planning is complete. Be sure to select EPWGA 2024 from the portal’s menu. Attached is the 2024 membership application. There have been several changes to the application, so please complete it carefully.

• For League play only events, please select the tee you will play from during the season. EPWGA does follow the USGA recommendation that the highest index for playing from the red tees is 40.4, which means the Estes Park course handicap would be 43. Members with handicaps exceeding a handicap of 43 from the Ladies red tees are encouraged to play from the yellow tees during EPWGA play/events to enhance the member’s enjoyment of the game as well as to speed the pace of play

for all EPWGA members. It is recognized that handicaps change throughout the season and accommodations can be made for these changes or requests.

• Membership fees in all categories have increased due to increase costs. At the September 12, 2024  General Membership Meeting the members approved raising Membership dues to $75 to provide adequate funds for the 2024 budget.


• Membership payment is to be received by March 1, 2024. Currently the Opening Luncheon is planned to follow 9 holes of golf on May 7, the opening day of EPWGA play. More details will follow in April. Attached is the Final Budget Report for 2023, presented by Bonnie Rumsey, Treasurer.

The report includes the expenditure for the baby gift sent to Austin and Colleen Logan in

December. Estes Park Women’s Golf Association would like to invite new members to join us for the

2024 golf season. EPWGA consists of lady golfers across all skill levels having a good time, enjoying the game of golf and finding the golfing experience rewarding. If you know of someone interested in joining EPWGA, please share the application with her.


Diane Butler, President

The simpler I keep things the better I play.

Nancy Lopez



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