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New Class at the Rec!

Unwind, relax and release stress with a complete immersion into sound. As you relax, you will be surrounded by the sound of crystal bowls, Tibet singing bowls, drums, chimes and a rain stick. These sound vibrations will help restore a healthy balance of mind, body & spirit. This class, guided by Sheri Hartzog, will be offered the second Monday of every month, following Candlelight Yoga. A reservation is required to attend.

ELEVATED CONNECTION: a place to connect, play and build community

The Estes Valley Community Center is happy to announce the re-opening of the lower level on Monday, March 15. During the last year we had the opportunity to re-focus on what really matters to those who participate in our Senior and Adult Activities, and are also excited to announce our new name: Elevated Connection; a way to connect, play and build community. We're here for you.